What defines the color?


It is not just love, euphoria, flavors or a sunset. Maybe it’s a movement, a feeling, a person, or a memory.


We believe that beyond a definition, color becomes what we make of it, what identifies us.




Tea, Veggiedrinks, Snacks, Infusions & Sodas.


The beginning of a new world, the time to expand our brand without losing our magic. Beyond desire, taste and rules. BEYOND COLOR.


We created a vibrant and magical campaign for our HATSU 2019 brand speech. A message to keep growing our brand without losing our essence, a DNA full of color & products designed to arouse emotions and endure over time.


We believe in dreaming and we fight every day to make them come true through color. This is how our story began:


HATSU (d. Beginning – Japanese)


Created in 2010 in Medellín, Colombia as an entrepreneurship Project. It started as a brand dedicated to the creation of products with a high perceived value in terms of content and image, and under a strategy based on innovation and high quality standards.


All this was reflected in our first product development: Tea drinks with exotic fruit blends that took over the fashion, art and gastronomy events of the city and that later on gave life to the supermarkets with the product packaging, colors and flavors.


The company is the dream come true of two entrepreneurs who saw a huge potential in the product category: ‘The first Colombian brand of global recognition.’


In such a competitive business world, you must use creativity and innovation to stand out in your industry and gain a competitive advantage.


HATSU believes on transformation through design and customization. A constant exploration carried out by 3 creatives with multiple design approaches and 3 marketing experts. An inhouse team dedicated to create content and experiences 24/7 allowing the company to be in a constant change without losing its DNA.


Today we are part of Postobón S.A., a leading beverage Company, which opened the way for us in 9 countries: Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Bolivia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama.


Having already a more global presence and with the achievement of our first goal, our second biggest challenge started here:


How to let the consumer know we are a multicategory Brand? More than a tea, we are a multi-category brand that builds a lifestyle designed to accompany our daily moments of consumption based on well-being, design, art, fashion and the search for balance.


Again, a new challenge for HATSU that validates the benefits of having an in-house creative team: Living the company from the inside to explore new creative paths. This is where our new campaign, BEYOND COLOR starts from.



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